'Rudhran', 'Shaakuntalam', 'Vichitram': New releases on OTT platforms (May 2nd week)

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A slew of Tamil films which hit screens on the occasion of Tamil New Year (April 14) are currently streaming on OTT. Other films that are available on OTT include Samantha's Shaakuntalam, Jawanum Mullappoovum, Vichitram, Vikram Vedha to name a few. Check out the list of movies that are streaming on OTT.


The Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan, which is a remake of Pushkar-Gayatri's film of the same name. The two protagonists of the movie are SSP Vikram, a police officer, and Vedha Betal, a notorious gangster. The film introduces twists and turns that make Vikram question his morality and principles.

Where To Watch: Jio Cinemas

Language: Hindi


The movie is based on the actual experiences of an Indian couple who had their children removed from them by the Norwegian childcare system (Barnevernet) in 2011. The mother’s autobiography, The Journey of a Mother, is the basis for the movie.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Language: Hindi


Based on Kalidasa’s renowned Sanskrit play Abhijnana Shaakuntalam, the movie has been directed by Gunasekhar. The movie tells the epic love story of Shakuntala, the daughter of sage Vishwamitra and Apsara Menaka, who fell in love with King Dushyant.

Where To Watch: Prime Video

Language: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada


Rudhran is a happy IT man living with his family until the moment his life is turned upside down. He comes upon a major criminal network including a businessman, Rudhran embarks on a mission to expose him the criminal network.

Where To Watch: Sun Nxt

Language: Tamil


A dark comedy, Soppana Sundari revolves around Agalya, who is the sole bread earner of her family. Agalya’s life changes when her family wins a car in the lottery. Soon, they are surrounded by problems as many people stake a claim on the ownership of the car.

Where To Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

Language: Tamil


Set in the 7th century, the film follows a fictitious tale centered around a Pandya prince.

Where To Watch: Prime Video, Tentkotta & Simply South (Excluding India)

Language: Tamil


Arulnithi plays Thiru, a man with speech and hearing impairment and has quite a temper. He is pulled into danger at the hospital when a ruthless human trafficking gang starts targeting his injured father.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Language: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada


The plot revolves around the strange events that unfold at a palatial, old residence when a woman named Jasmine and her five sons move there. Every boy has a unique personality.

Where To Watch: Prime Video

Language: Malayalam


A genius Crime Scene Investigator investigates a CEO murder, and the case takes a shocking turn. Watch as the mystery unravels in this thrilling film.

Where To Watch: AHA Video, Prime Video

Language: Telugu


Jawanum Mullapoovum, starring Sumesh Chandran and Sshivada, is a fun-filled family drama. Sumesh plays a soldier in the film while Sshivada essays the role of his wife Jayashree, a teacher. The film revolves around their family life and tells the story of how Jayashree survives the struggles she encounters. 

Where To Watch: Prime Video, Simply South (Excluding India)

Language: Malayalam


‘Das Ka Dhamki’ stars Vishwak Sen in a dual role. He plays a lower middle-class guy, Krishna Das, and his doppelgänger, Dr Sanjay Rudra, the big shot owner of a pharma company. Krishna Das wants to get rich quick, in order to impress the love of his life, Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj). But he gets caught up in a dangerous conspiracy instead.

Where To Watch: AHA Video

Language: Tamil (Dub)

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