Shanthnu's village drama 'Raavana Kottam' to stream on THIS date

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Shanthnu's rural drama Raavana Kottam is all set to drop on OTT this week on June 16. Directed by Vikram Sugumaran has earlier helmed hit Tamil film, Madha Yaanai Koottam. The film opened in cinemas to mixed reviews and it didn't make any dent at the box office. However, Shanthanu's performance garnered good reviews. The film also features Anandhi and Prabhu, along with Deepa Shankar and Ilavarasu in pivotal roles. 

The film will have its digital release on four platforms on the same day. The film will premiere on Prime Video, AHA Video in India. Those residing outside India can watch the film on Simply South, Tent Kotta from June 16 itself. 

The plot revolves around caste politics and family tensions. The issues that brew when corporates and politicians try to misuse the innocence and the helplessness of a rural community forms the crux of the story.

The film has won a couple of rewards at international film festivals, namely the Best Director Award at the Crown Point International Film Festival and the Eastern Europe Film Festival, held recently in Romania.

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