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Check out the list of Mollywood films that are streaming on OTT.

VAMANAN - Manorama Max, Simply South

Vamanan told the story of the survival of a man who works as a homestay manager at a hill station. The stakes are high when a major mishap starts to affect him and his family.

OTT Premiere Date: June 16

CHARLES ENTERPRISES - Prime Video, Simply South

The comedy drama follows a young man from Kochi named Ravi Kumaraswamy (Balu Varghese), who suffers from night blindness, steals a Lord Ganesha idol from his mother, Gomathi (Urvashi), a devout follower. What will become of his situation?

OTT Premiere Date: June 16


A food delivery boy, Sanjay, suffers from bipolar disorder and has been abandoned by his family. He tries to take care of two homeless girls in order to prove his ability to socialize. The lead character is played by Karthik Ramakrishnan.

OTT Premiere Date: June 16 


A coming-of-age romance of two contrasting personalities and the story of two families that spar over a coffee estate. Directed by Nandini Reddy, Santosh Shoban and Malavika Nair in the lead roles.

OTT Premiere Date: June 17

BHIKSHAKAARAN 2 - Disney+ Hotstar (Dub)

Pichaikkaran 2 is the sequel to Vijay Antony's previous hit Pichaikkaran. Vijay Antony plays dual roles, that of a multi-millionaire and a beggar in this film. The film marks his directorial debut and has Kavya Thapar as the leading lady. The story is After suffering from illicit brain surgery, a poor man with a troubled past finds himself in the position of an affluent billionaire.

OTT Premiere Date: June 18

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