Telugu Crime Thriller "Police Story Case 1: Night Owls" release on THIS date

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The Telugu language film Police Story Case 1: Night Owls, has opted for a direct digital release. The film will be available for streaming on ETV Win platform from July 28, 2023. Written and directed by Ram Vignesh, the film features Srinath Maganti, Shweta Avasthi played the lead roles. 

The synopsis reads, "When a murder investigation in an IT office hits a dead end, tensions rise as two police officers challenge each other to solve the case in 24 hours-- but as the suspects grow increasingly wary, the personal motives of the police officers threaten to derail the entire investigation."

The renowned writer and director Suresh Krissna, has directed several movies, including Kamal Haasan and Amala’s Sathyaa (1988), Salman Khan and Revathi’s Love (1991), Rajinikanth’s Baashha (1995), Chiranjeevi’s Master (1997). He is the creative director as well as the film’s producer of Police Story. the web film tunes provided by Meenakshi Bhujang.

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