Telugu rural drama Bheemadevarapally Branchi streaming on OTT from this date

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The popularity of Telangana slang in Telugu cinema has skyrocketed in the recent times with the success of films like Balagam and Mem Famous. Another small-budget film that made the most of the trend was Bheemadevarapally Branchi, a rural dramedy starring Anji Valguman, Sai Prasanna Kondra, Abhiram Vollala, Rupa Srinivas, Gaddam Naveen, Subhodayam Subbarao in key roles. The film written and directed by Ramesh Cheppala, released this June 23. 

Within two months of its theatrical release, Bheemadevarapally Branchi is now available on Amazon Prime Video from August 7, 2023 in Telugu audio format with English subtitles.

Plot: After receiving fifteen lakh rupees in his bank account, Jampanna believes he has received the funds promised to him by a political figure for his “Zero Account.” The bank quickly asserts that the funds were sent incorrectly, but he and his family have already used the funds. Will Jampanna and his family be in a position to repay the funds?

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