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Dhanush portrays a lecturer in the movie, which is about the educational system. The movie is all about a teacher’s battle against frauds that drive up the cost of education and make it inaccessible to kids from underprivileged sectors. Tamil, Hindi versions also streaming this platform.

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The Story seems to be a Family drama as Suhas Played the role of a struggling Writer and how a guy who hails from Vijayawada becomes a famous writer and what are the struggles he went through the success. 

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Peddi Reddy is highly respected in Sri Rangapuram village for helping the needy. While Konda Reddy, a criminal from the adjacent village, tries to grab lands from farmers forcefully but Peddi Reddy teaches him a lesson. The suspense unfolds as a deeply insulted Konda Reddy plans to take revenge on Peddi Reddy using his niece as the pawn. Can he succeed in his plan and get his revenge?

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Two strangers Sameerana (Avika Gor) and Pavan (Sai Ronak) meet when they get stuck in a lift together. Can their emotions towards each other change for the better in the 18 hours they spend together? Avika Gor turns producer for the first time. 

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Arjun (Viswant), an eligible bachelor in town, turns 'Boyfriend for Hire'. Girls want him, and he is in high demand. He is smitten by a beautiful girl Divya (Malavika Satheesan), and to his surprise, she hires him to solve a problem. Why did Arjun become a boyfriend on hire? Did he solve Divya's problem, or is there a twist in the tale?

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Black Adam, which is the 11th movie in the DC Extended Universe and a spinoff of 2019’s Shazam. This film narrates the story of an ancient human with superpowers, who is released from his magical imprisonment by a group of archeologists to free the nation of Kahndaq. English, Tamil, Hindi versions also streaming this platform.

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