April 1st OTT Release Movies..

Amigos On Netflix Enkilum Chandrike On Manorama Max Sathi Gaani Rendu Ekaralu On AHA Hondisi Bareyiri On Prime OTT Movies April 1st OTT Movies

we head to the start of April, here is a quick look at movies are arriving on the various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Aha Video etc, 


Kalyan Ram acted in three roles namely Siddharth, Manjunath and Michael. How did three unrelated people with the same similarities meet? Director Rajendra Reddy opened the movie Amigos with the point of how the lives of Siddharth and Manjunath got tangled up due to Michael's plan. 

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath

Where To Watch: NETFLIX

Language: Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada


The movie revolves around the antics of a group of men once they find out that the titular character Chandrika’s wedding is fixed.

Cast: Niranjana Anoop, Basil Joseph, Suraj Venjaramoodu

Where To Watch: MANORAMA MAX

Language: Malayalam


This is Mythri Movie Makers's first-ever OTT production. Set in a village called Kollur, the protagonist is hard-pressed for money and has to sell two acres of his land. But it's not an easy decision to make. 

Cast: Jagadeesh Bandari, Vennela Kishore, Mohana Sree Suraaga

Where To Watch: AHA VIDEO

Language: Telugu


A story of a bunch of college friends who reunite after many years. It focuses on their college life, leading to the responsibilities of adulthood and their struggle to find solace amidst their complex relationships.

Cast: Praveen Tej, Samyuktha Hornad, Bhavana Rao

Where To Watch: PRIME VIDEO

Language: Kannada

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