Prime Video OTT Movies on July 3rd week

Nenu Student Sir On Prime Shiv Shastri Balboa On Prime Thandatti On Prime Cheppalan Cheppalani Undi On Prime Chakravyuham The Trap On Prime Prime Video Movies

It is going to be a great weekend for movie buffs with exciting films lined up to debut on the OTT platforms. Here is a list of the new OTT Prime Video Movies:


Bellamkonda Ganesh's sophomore outing, Nenu Student Sir is about a student who gets involved in a scam when crores of money get deposited into his account. Avantika, the daughter of senior Bollywood heroine Bhagyashree, acted as the female lead in the movie.

Language: Telugu


Shiv Shastri Balboa follows a man who is a huge fan of Rocky Balboa. He forms a friendship with a woman who is stuck in the USA and wants to go back to India. He then decides to help her. The film featured veteran actor Anupam Kher in the lead role. It was directed by Ajayan Venugopalan. The film was awarded the best feature film (Runner-up) at CSAFF.

Language: Hindi


The story of the film revolves around an old woman's Thandatti, which goes missing during her funeral procession. Pasupathy played the lead roles and also has an ensemble cast including Rohini, Deepa Shankar, Vivek Prasanna, and Ammu Abhirami in the supporting role.

Language: Tamil


A simple Telugu-loving reporter wakes up speaking a foreign language right before the most important day of his life, a much-awaited live interview that would change his fortunes. Yash Puri, Stefy Patel played the lead roles.

Language: Telugu


The action-packed film 'Chakravyuham-The Trap,' led by acclaimed actor Ajay. Directed by Madhusudan, The plot revolves around Siri, a business partner & housewife, is found murdered with her throat slit open. Ajay, the Investigating Officer, tries to solve the mysterious case.

Language: Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam

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