OTT Alert: 'Prem Kumar' Is Now Streaming

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Santosh Sobhan’s recent theatrical release 'Prem Kumar' is now (October 13, 2023) available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The film received unfavorable reviews during its theatrical run, and its box office performance was underwhelming. It remains to be seen whether the movie will find audience on the OTT platform.

Synopsis: After longing to marry, Prem Kumar (Santosh Sobhan) starts a break-up detective agency with his friend Sundara Lingam (Krishna Teja). Amidst this, Netra (Rashi Singh), a wedding planner, clashes with them. An event compels their collaboration. What is the event? Is there any relation between them? How is Roshan (Krishna Chaitanya) connected to this story?

Rashi Singh and Ruchita Sadhineni acted as heroines opposite Santhosh Shobhan in Prem Kumar's film. Sudarshan, Krishna Chaitanya, Krishna Teja, Ashok Kumar and Srividya acted in key roles. This movie is directed by Abhishek Maharshi.

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