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In this week's entertainment lineup, a diverse array of movies await your viewing pleasure. Telugu films Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range, Case 30, Suraapanam and Tamil film Paramporul, Yaaro debut on AHA Video this week. What will you be watching?


Tamil crime drama Paramporul, starring Sarathkumar & Amitash, written and directed by debutant C. Aravind Raj. The film received praise from critics and audiences, who lauded the premise, performances, visuals, and direction of Paramporul. The plot revolves around "Aadhi, who desperately needs money to save his sister, happens to meet police officer, Maithreyan, during a theft. They both get involved in an idol trade, which eventually leads to chaos.". The film also streaming on Prime Video, Simply South, Tentkotta.


Telugu dubbed version of Kannada film Operation Alamelamma is Simple Suni's first attempt at a thriller and based on a kidnapping. Rishi, Shraddha Srinath played the pivotal roles. The Kannada version of the film can be watched on Jio Cinema. 


Fulfilling his father's dream, a shepherd Krishna (Rishwi Thimmaraju) embarks on a poignant journey through adversity, love, and personal loss to find his true purpose. Directed by Rajesh Dondapati.


A young man transforms into an old man after consuming a bottle of suraapanam. The comedic hilarity that follows as he navigates life in this extraordinary condition. starring Sampath Kumar, Pragna Nayan, Ajay Ghosh and helmed by Sampath Kumar

CASE 30 (Telugu)

A gripping murder mystery where Crime Branch officer Arjun Bhardwaj must uncover the truth and solve the case that unfolds before him. Directed by Sandeep Pydimarri. With Siddharth Naidu, Shamili Uniyal, Tanvi Gawade, Jyothi Labala, Meka Ramakrishna, Vamsi Raghava Yenumula.

YAARO (Tamil)

2022 Tamil film YAARO is an edge of the seat Horror Psycho Thriller that will have a pattern set against the backdrops of a murder mystery. Venkat Reddy, Upasana RC, CM Bala, Durairaj, Kishore Dev played the pivotal roles and directed by Sandeep Sai

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