Newly Added TAMIL Movies on this Christmas weekend

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Christmas weekend is proving to be a windfall for film lovers. The day will see not one, not two, but seven Indian films hit various streaming platforms. We at Binged bring you the definite list of all the Indian movies releasing on OTT, so that you can instantly know which movie will stream on what platform.

80S BUILDUP - Prime Video

A youngster accepts his sister's challenge to make the girl who has come to his grandfather's funeral to fall in love with him before the last rites are done. Santhanam, Radhika Preethi played the lead roles in this comedy- drama.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

KUIKO - Netflix

Yogi Baby plays a man who rears camels in Saudi Arabia. When his mother passes away in his hometown, he has her mortal remains preserved inside a freezer box until his return. Even after the last rites are carried out, he holds onto the box, in the memory of his mother. How this box brings about changes in his life forms the crux of the story. Aside from him, the cast includes Vidharth, Ilavarasu, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan.

Genre: Slice-of-life, Satrical Comedy

GHOST - AHA Video (Dub)

It is marketed as a Kannada heist action thriller film. M. G. Srinivas will reprise his role as Mahesh Das from Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni in Ghost, the first instalment of a larger cinematic universe. Shiva Rajkumar, Anupam Kher, Jayaram, and others star in it. It revolves around a gangster and his team as they hijack a prison to seek justice and threaten to release all the criminals if justice is not given.

Genre: Heist Action, Thriller

TOBY - Sony Liv (Dub)

'Toby', the titular character, is based on an 8-page short story by T.K. Dayanand which would serve as the base for Raj B Shetty's story for the feature film. Set in Kumta region of Uttara Kannada district in Coastal Karnataka. The film is about Toby, a speech-impaired orphan, who has a violent streak in him, and yet, yearns for a simple life too, with the woman he likes and the daughter he rears. The story unfolds as Toby faces several challenges to protect the life he has built with his daughter.

Genre: Action, Drama

FALIMY - Disney+ Hotstar (Dub)

Directed by newcomer Nithish Sahadev, Falimy is a fun entertainer about a dysfunctional family on a trip to Varanasi. Jagadish, Manju Pillai, Sandeep Pradeep and Meenaraj also play major roles in it.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

AADIKESHAVA - Netflix (Dub)

A young man gets a job at a cosmetic company & falls for its glamorous owner, but soon unforeseen events begin to unfurl his family's dark past. Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Joju George, Sreeleela, Aparna Das played the significant roles.

Genre: Action, Drama

DRY DAY - Prime Video (Dub)

Dry Day is a comedy-drama that unfolds in the heartland of the country where the protagonist, Gannu (Kumar), a small-time goon, embarks on a journey against the system. Amidst the emotional quest to earn the trust and love of his dear ones, Gannu not only confronts the external challenges but also struggles with his own insecurities and issue of alcoholism.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

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