Tollywood’s first interrogative Telugu movie "The Trial" makes its OTT debut

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Tollywood’s first-ever interrogative film, The Trial hit the theaters on November 24 last year. However, many people are not aware of the film due to the lack of promotions. The film headlined by Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, and Vamsi Kotu, directed by Raam Ganni.

The Prime Video synopsis reads, "Roopa (Spandana Palli), a Hyderabad policewoman, faces tragedy on her anniversary as her husband, Ajay (Yug Ram), falls to his death. After moving on, accusations of murder resurface from Ajay's family, triggering an investigation led by Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu). Unveiling shocking revelations, the movie delves into the truth behind the mysterious demise, questioning Roopa's innocence."

As the film silently makes its digital debut on Amazon Prime Video (Jan 09), but just like ever we are here to keep you updated. If you happen to be interested in 'The Trial' then you may click on Prime Video.

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