Malayalam Family Drama "Philip's" lands on THIS Platform

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After having a remarkable run at the box office, Mukesh and Innocent starrer 'Philip's' is gearing up for its digital release. The family drama arrives on Prime Video, Manorama Max and Simply South starting January 19, 2024.

Alfred Kurian Joseph, who was the co-writer of Anna Ben-starrer Helen, has directed Philip’s. Alfred and Helen’s director, Mathukutty Xavier, have penned this film, which is Mukesh’s 300th movie.

The film was released in the theaters under the banner of Little Big Films on 1 December. The soundtracks for Philip’s have been composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab. 

During its theatrical run, the movie garnered a positive response from cine-goers who hailed it for numerous factors including brilliant storyline, captivating cinematography, and exceptional acting of its leading cast.

Synopsis: Philip tells the tale of a widower Philip Abraham (Mukesh) who is struggling with several mental health issues like anxiety, overthinking & trust problems. As if this was already not enough, the guy is also sick of dealing with his young rebellious teenage daughter whose life choices always manage to irk him. Meanwhile, Philip’s daughter doesn’t like her father either and is really unhappy with the methods of his typical parenting that have created a huge rift between the two.

An ensemble cast, including Noble Babu Thomas, Innocent, Quinn Vipin, Navani Devanand, Asha Madathil, and Tamil actor Charle, each contributing to the film’s tapestry of emotions with their compelling portrayals.

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