Sapta Sagaradaache Ello - Side B silently streaming on THIS platform

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Sandalwood actor Rakshit Shetty takes the lead in Sapta Sagaradaache Ello-Side B, the sequel to Sapta Sagaradaache Ello-Side A, hitting the theaters on November 17 and was a blockbuster hit just like its predecessor.

Amazon Prime Video quietly released the title online on Jan 25th, allowing streaming in all major Indian languages, except Hindi.

SSE - Side B is set in a time period 10 years after its predecessor and follows the tale of the lead character Manu (Rakshit Shetty), who goes in search of his lost love, Priya (Rukmini Vasanth). He finds out that Priya is unhappy and that she has several financial struggles after her husband lost his business in the COVID-19 pandemic. How Manu tries to help Priya forms the crux of the story.

In this love saga, Rukmini Vasanth and Chaitra J Achar play the female lead roles. The film, helmed by Hemanth M Rao and produced by Paramvah Studios, the music for the film has been composed by Charan Raj.

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