GV Prakash, Mamitha Baiju Tamil film 'Rebel' is streaming in THIS Ott

Rebel Prime Video GV Prakash Mamitha Baiju

GV Prakash, Mamitha Baiju playing lead roles in the Rele tamil film. It was released 2 weeks before in theares and now it is streaming in Amazon Prime Video. Mamitha Baiju known for her recent film Premalu. It is collected 100+ crores worldwide. She got huge fans in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

'Rebel' film is based on true events about a rebel student in Munnar in the 1980s. The film follows Kathiresan, a college student from Munnar, who moves to Palakkad to get a better education. However, he gets into a conflict after a college fight was erupted even more when local politicians and police become involved.

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