CV Kumar's Maayavan sequel titled Maayavan Reloaded

Maayavan Reloaded CV Kumar's Maayavan Sequel CV Kumar's Maayavan 2 Sundeep Kishan's Maayavan Reloaded Sequel Movies

Director-producer CV Kumar announced the sequel to his directorial debut 2017 Tamil science-fiction film, Maayavan. The sequel titled Maayavan Reloaded the first-look poster features a man in a space suit entering a void that resembles a human eye. Sundeep Kishan, who played the lead in the first part will play a pivotal role in the sequel too. 

The shooting of the film is expected to begin in January 2023 and the pre-production work of the film is taking place in full swing. While the first part was shot in Tamil and dubbed into Telugu as Project Z, the sequel is expected to be simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu.

Maayavan Reloaded has editor Ignatious Aswin, Hari SR as the composer and Ram as its cinematographer.

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