Meghana Raj is making a comeback with a thriller - Tatsama Tadbhava

Tatsama Tadbhava Kannada Movie Meghana Raj Thriller Movie Vishal Athreya Movie Kannada Movie Sandalwood

Meghana Raj Sarja was absent from the big screen after her husband Chiranjeevi Sarja died unexpectedly in 2020 from a heart attack. Meghana is now ready to come back on the silver screens. She will be seen as the lead role in newbie Vishal Atreya’s investigative crime thriller, titled 'Tatsama Tadbhava - The Confession'. The movie's produceed by Pannaga Bharana, Spurthi Anil, Chethan Nanjundaiah.

She also shared the film's first-look poster, which depicts a distraught Meghana Sarja with two bloody hands covering her mouth.

The makers are planning to release the film in Kannada and Malayalam in April. Vasuki Vaibhav will compose the film's music, and Srinivas Ramaiah will oversee the camera work.

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